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Taking a course in hypnotherapy, whether you are choosing an individual module or planning to take the full diploma, is a life changing experience for many people. You will learn about what motivates people to do the things they do and how to help people turn their motivation towards actions that would really be worth doing.


Each module has a special focus and when they are combined, you will have the skills – and we will also build your confidence – to set up your own hypnotherapy practice. Building a successful practice is covered on the course as having the practical skills is only part of the picture – you also need the confidence and know-how to succeed with running your own business.


You are not abandoned after you have finished your training. Our monthly Inspirational Hypnotherapy seminar allows you to continue building your skills as well as sustaining the friendships you have made with other students on the course. Our learning community is one of the unique features of our training and the reason why our graduates become passionate and confident professional hypnotherapists.


Being a Hypnotherapist is a job like no other. It provides its challenges and you need to be the kind of person who has a genuine interest in other people, the patience to listen and the willingness to be both organised and creative in order to find the approaches that will help your clients succeed. If this sounds like you, you are halfway there. On the course, we will cover the rest. The course will teach you the practical techniques and background information that you need to be an excellent hypnotist, therapist and coach.


By combining hypnotherapy and coaching on this course, you will have two skill sets to draw upon. This provides you with the ability to assess how to help clients make meaningful changes in their lives as a whole, as well as dealing with specific issues such as smoking cessation therapy. It provides an interesting balance of work for anyone who is keen to set up a practice as a Coach and Hypnotherapist.


If you are considering training with us, you may like to request a Brochure Pack which provides comprehensive information on the programme including the full syllabus. As the principle trainer on the course, I am also willing to personally answer any questions you may have. By clicking here , you can visit our contact page for more information on how to get in touch.


Click here to see how the four modules combine to create the full hypnotherapy training course.




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