FAQ about CDs


What does the author’s voice sound like?


Liz Amesbury has a fairly neutral English accent. Please listen to the audio samples to answer this question fully.


How do I use these hypnotherapy CDs?


For daytime CDs: Listen to the CD during the daytime, finding a quiet place where you can relax undisturbed. Play the CD from the first track and listen until the end, when you will be guided back to a fully awake state.


For night-time CDs: Listen to the CD only at night-time when you are in bed and ready to go to sleep. Just as when you go to sleep normally, if something needs your attention whilst you are listening, you will be able to return to normal consciousness with no detrimental effects. Play the CD from the first track and allow it to play all the way through. Most people fall asleep before the CD ends.


How long do they last?


The running time varies, please check the online description for each CD for this information.


Can anyone listen to these CDs?


There are a few exceptions that you need to observe: Do not use this CD if you have epilepsy, clinical depression, or any other psychiatric condition. Apart from this there are no contraindications but if you have any concerns about health issues that may affect you, please contact your doctor before purchasing a CD.


Do I have to pay postage and packaging?


Postage and packaging is currently free on orders. Please see the shipping page for more information.


Can I obtain a refund?


Refunds can be given for a hard copies of a CD if you return it within 28 days. Please see the shipping page for full information. No refunds are available for downloaded copies as of course, you have already obtained the product and cannot return it.


How are the CDs packaged?


The CDs are professionally replicated and provided in high quality cases with a cellowrap cover.


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