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Frequently Asked Questions about Learning Freedom™


What is Learning Freedom coaching?


Learning Freedom coaching is the creation of Liz Amesbury, the Director of Align Training. Liz is a formally-trained academic specialist in dyslexia and a qualified professional in a range of personal change methodologies. Learning Freedom integrates existing approaches from NLP and hypnotherapy with unique models, theories and processes that Liz has developed through her extensive 1-1 work with dyslexic clients over many years.


Do I need any prior knowledge before taking the Learning Freedom coach training?


The Learning Freedom programme is designed to give you all the knowledge you need to practice as a coach. Graduates from the programme integrate the skills they have learned into their existing professional practice, whether this is in education, employment or private practice.


Do I need any prior knowledge before taking the course?


It is not necessary to be a dyslexia specialist before taking the course, nor is it necessary to have qualifications in hypnotherapy, NLP or coaching. The Learning Freedom programme attracts delegates with a range of existing skills and is also suitable for those who have no prior knowledge. The course content is unique and all delegates begin at a similar point of understanding, developing a new approach to helpiing people with learning difficulties.


We do recommend taking the Mind Wide Open workshop as this will give you an excellent grounding for the training, particularly if you do not have prior knowledge of NLP or hypnotherapy.


Is Learning Freedom coaching only for people with dyslexia?


This form of coaching is highly versatile as it helps clients overcome barriers to learning, which most people experience at some time or another. The learning barriers that can be overcome with this coaching method relate not only to education. To lead fulfilling lives, we all need to continually strive for greater knowledge and understanding in our personal and professional lives. Learning Freedom offers tools for opening clients’ minds to their hidden potential and enabling them to make positive progress.


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