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Frequently Asked Questions about NLP


What is NLP?


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has been described as a user’s manual for the brain. Many of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are habitual and appear to be outside our control. NLP teaches us how to regain control and better understand ourselves and other people. It provides practical techniques for enhancing our confidence, self-belief and communication skills. NLP teaches us how to be more influential as well as how to set goals and achieve the outcomes we desire.


Do I need any prior knowledge before taking the NLP training?


Our NLP programme is open access and no prior knowledge is needed as everything you need to learn will be covered on the course. There are some suitability criteria which are outlined on the application form and we interview all applicants to ensure they are right for the course. We do recommend taking the Mind Wide Open workshop as this will give you an excellent grounding for the training.


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