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Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnotherapy


What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic change. However, these days, successful hypnotherapists are trained in methods other than hypnosis and offer clients a range of approaches to overcome their problems. The Align Training diploma provides a broad knowledge base to allow graduates to develop expertise in the approaches they prefer. An added benefit is that clients who are aware of methods other than hypnotherapy (such as emotional freedom technique or NLP) will be attracted to your practice.


Do I need any prior knowledge before taking the hypnotherapy training?


No prior knowledge or qualifications are needed to enrol on the hypnotherapy practitioner diploma. There are some suitability criteria which are outlined on the application form and we interview all applicants to ensure they are right for the course. You may find it useful to try hypnotherapy before you start your training which can easily be achieved by booking a 1-1 session or buying a hypnotherapy CD but this is not necessary. However, we do recommend taking the Mind Wide Open workshop as this will give you an excellent grounding for the training.


What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of relaxed focus that can be directed outwards or inwards, that can be used to experience strong belief in a certain outcome. It is also known as trance and occurs naturally as well as in formal hypnotherapy sessions. For example, a good tennis player may be in trance when she is playing, meaning she is able to focus her mind entirely on the movement of the ball (outward focus) and draw on all her mental and physical skills to play well (inward focus and self-belief). When used thrapeutically, people are usually asked to close their eyes in order to experience the deep benefits of hypnosis. A client who is in trance will listen to the hypnotherapist’s voice (outward focus) and be guided to access his own resources and wisdom (inward focus and self-belief) to solve a problem.


Is hypnotherapy beneficial?


The state of hypnosis is completely natural as everyone enters a trance state when they are falling asleep and when they are awakening in the morning, usually experienced as a pleasant, dreamy feeling. The practice of hypnotherapy helps a client to achieve a state of hypnosis and direct their attention to making positive changes. There is considerable published research on the benefits of using hypnotherapy for a range of problems and conditions.


Will I be able to practise with a single module of the course?


Each module is a professional training course in its own right and will allow you to practise the skills you have learned.


How long does it take to complete the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma?


It is possible to complete the taught modules within 5 months. To take this option, you will need to choose two weekend module trainings and two weekday module trainings within a 5 month period. However, even when taking advantage of the booking discount and paying for the hypnotherapy practitioner diploma in advance, you can still take up to 16 months to attend the modules.


The maximum length of time in which to complete the qualification is two years. If you wish to take this study option, you will need to book individual course modules.


After attending the taught modules, a portfolio is required for assessment which can be completed in your own time scale.


Can I take the modules in any order if I want to do the full diploma?


The diploma is designed to be flexible and you can begin with any module. When you are training you will find that you benefit from working with a range of different course colleagues, all of whom have differing levels of experience.


Which is the best module to start with?


You can begin with any module so the next available module is probably the best place to start. This way there is no need to delay training for your exciting new profession.


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