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Learning Freedom


Performance coaching for overcoming dyslexia


Learning Freedom™ Coaching can be used in education, therapy, coaching and employment settings. The following groups of people will benefit from becoming a Licensed Coach:


Educational professionals who meet with students on a 1-1 basis will be empowered with skills and knowledge for enhancing their students’ learning abilities, performance and self-esteem. The following professionals in particular will benefit:

  • Study skills tutors
  • Dyslexia specialists
  • Personal tutors
  • Study coaches
  • Study counsellors
  • Support workers
  • Study mentors
  • Teachers and Lecturers
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinators

    Professionals who work with individuals to achieve therapeutic change will learn skills that enable them to better understand and help clients with dyslexia or related problems. The following professionals in particular will benefit:

  • Counsellors
  • Counselling psychologists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Clinical psychologists

    Professionals who work in coaching and advisory fields will discover additional skills for enabling their clients to make positive changes to their belief systems, feelings and behaviour. The following professionals in particular will benefit:

  • Life coaches
  • Business coaches
  • Personal coaches
  • Business advisors
  • Professional coaches
  • Careers advisors
  • Human resource coaches

    Professionals in supervisory positions will discover new approaches for helping employees utilise their strengths, alleviate professional stress and enhance their performance in areas of difficulty. The following professionals in particular will benefit:

  • Company executives
  • Human resource professionals
  • Line managers
  • Professional mentors
  • Senior managers
  • Team leaders

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