Why Learning Freedom™?


Here are a few of the reasons for becoming a Learning Freedom Coach™:


1. On completion of the Learning Freedom™ Coach programme, you will hold a qualification that establishes your expertise in personal performance coaching in the field of dyslexia.


2. This programme is unique to Align Training and on completion, you will become a Licensed Coach with the grounding you need for confident practice.


3. Whether you are already an expert on dyslexia or a newcomer to the field, by the end of the programme you will have a deeper understanding of the barriers that prevent people from learning and will have new approaches to help overcome them.


4. This programme provides practical solutions for identifying and overcoming the challenges that people with dyslexia experience, enabling you to deal confidently with complex issues using tried and tested approaches.


5. Many training courses treat dyslexia as a purely cognitive difficulty, whereas this programme focuses on helping dyslexic people release their emotional barriers to learning, the underlying cause of many learning difficulties.


6. Whatever your professional expertise, you will discover how to blend Learning Freedom™ Coaching seamlessly into your existing practice to enhance the performance and confidence of your clients, students or colleagues.


7. This programme covers effective approaches from the established fields of NLP and hypnotherapy, as well as introducing new processes developed from the expertise and experience of the creator of this approach.


8. On completion of the training, you will know how to establish deep levels of rapport as a coach, enabling you to influence others positively and inspire them to excel.


9. It is estimated that up to 10% of the population have dyslexia or a related learning difficulty yet many do not know where to turn to overcome the barriers they have experienced in life. As a Learning Freedom™ Coach, you will be on the leading edge, offering a tailored approach for those with learning difficulties that helps them recognise, appreciate and utilize their innate abilities.


10. Because learning difficulties exist on a spectrum, this coaching method is appropriate for any person who is experiencing limiting beliefs about their ability to learn a new skill or change their behaviour, whether or not they fit into a diagnostic category. This will give you scope to help many others increase their self-belief and self-confidence.


11. When a person claims to desire change but demonstrates patterns of procrastination, anxiety and/or resistance to new approaches, the methods and processes offered by this programme can help them to move forward. As a graduate from this programme, you will know how to help people transform self-defeating patterns of behaviour.


12. As this programme has a practical focus, you will discover more about yourself and learn how to enhance your own self-confidence. This will make you a more resourceful and capable coach, enabling you to establish a credible presence as a Learning Freedom™ Coach within your existing organisation or in private practice.



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