Why Align Training?

Open University Credits


Our aim is to ensure that every course participant is encouraged and supported to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to practice successfully as a Hypnotherapist. Here are some of the key reasons why people choose to train with us:



1. On completion of your hypnotherapy diploma, you will hold a nationally recognised qualification that immediately establishes your credibility as a practitioner. Our course is accredited externally by four professional hypnotherapy associations and also carries 45 level one credits awarded by the Open University. You will gain a Foundation Degree level qualification on completion of the course, enabling you to promote the quality of your training with confidence to potential clients.


2. The Align Training hypnotherapy diploma comprises 20 days of face to face instruction, providing you with a full range of practical opportunities to become a skilled practitioner, as well as watching expert demonstrations from our trainers. We believe that any fewer training days will not provide you with the grounding you need for confident practice.


3. As you progress through your hypnotherapy diploma, you will achieve four certificates along the way, giving you a real sense of achievement and progress.


4. Each successful module you complete will allow you to practice your skills with confidence, providing you with a professional certification in a specific area of expertise.


5. To be a successful hypnotherapist, you need to be able to help clients with a range of issues. The Align Training diploma covers the major problems that cause people to seek hypnotherapy but also teaches you to build rapport with your clients and understand them as a person, rather than treating their symptoms.


6. As well as covering traditional hypnotherapy techniques, the Align Training diploma teaches you a wide range of therapeutic interventions, such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing and Emotional Freedom Technique.


7. Clients often confide additional problems and issues they need help with once therapy begins. This programme ensures you will be confident to deal with a wide range of issues that arise in your consultancy room as you will understand the deeper causes of problems and how to resolve them.


8. You will learn the secrets of effective rapport building through the study of NLP and coaching. This is the key that will enable you to build a positive relationship with each client to facilitate therapeutic change.


9. As well as covering hypnotherapy, this programme qualifies you as an NLP coach, following the syllabus of the world’s most highly respected professional coaching body, the International Coach Federation.


10. People used to associate hypnotherapy with quick fixes to problems such as quitting smoking. These days, many people are seeking longer-term therapeutic relationships that enable them to achieve their true potential. As a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP coach, you will experience the satisfaction of working with clients for longer durations and helping them progress towards a more fulfilling life.


11. When you qualify and begin working with clients you need to believe in your skills enough to promote your practice. The Align Training diploma ensures that every course participant receives the individual attention they need to build their confidence.


12. With an emphasis on deep level listening skills and rapport-building, this hypnotherapy diploma will make you a more inspirational communicator and positively enhance the relationships in every area of your life.


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