Why Hypnotherapy?

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There are many good reasons to study for a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.

Here are a dozen of the best!



1. As a qualified hypnotherapist, you will become part of an established profession and eligible for membership of associations that uphold the highest standards for ethical practice. The Align Training hypnotherapy qualification meets the national occupational standards set for the profession and allows you to register as a qualifed practitioner.


2. Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested approach for personal change with a long history of successful evidence-based practice.


3. As a hypnotherapy practitioner, you will experience the deeply rewarding process of offering clients life-changing benefits as well as ongoing opportunities to develop your own skills as you grow in confidence.


4. Many ‘people professions’ have become bureaucratic whereas hypnotherapy offers the chance to work with people on a personal basis, developing a positive therapeutic relationship.


5. Participating in the Align Training hypnotherapy diploma is a fun and exciting learning experience that has life-enhancing benefits.


6. As a qualified hypnotherapist, you will understand the essence of successful communication and will be more influential in all your relationships.


7. Through experiencing the hypnotherapy training, you will understand better how to manage your own stress and increase your self-confidence.


8. Many approaches to personal development focus on helping people understand their problems, whereas hypnotherapy is of high practical value because it focuses on helping people achieve positive change.


9. Hypnotherapy often helps people overcome long-standing difficulties, which is why it is in great demand and people are willing to invest in the life-changing benefits that it offers.


10. As a qualified hypnotherapist, you will have a financially rewarding career that you can begin on a part-time basis and build up at your own preferred pace.


11. If you wish to set up a hypnotherapy practice, you will find there are very low set-up costs in comparison to other businesses.


12. As a qualified hypnotherapist, you will always have a means for achieving financial independence, whatever the workplace climate or economic situation.





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